Processed Onions

Coonawarra Fresh Produce formally Gartner Farms have supplied fresh brown and red onions to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide markets for 20 years.


Coonawarra Fresh Onion Bag

The onion packing and processing operations occur on farm in a purpose-built facility that has been operational for around 15 years. The onions are graded and packed into 5,10, 20 or 1100 kg bags or peeled into bags and sold all around Australia.

Both brown and red onions are grown and sold to all the produce markets around Australia.

The onions are graded into 5 sizes that include:

  • Picklers - below 45mm
  • Jarrah - 45mm to 60mm
  • Medium - 60mm to 75mm
  • Large - 75mm to 90mm, and;
  • Extra large - 90mm and above.

They are then packed into 1, 5,10 or 20 kg bags, 14 or 15 kg cartons or graded into 

larger 550kg chep bins or 1100 kg bulk bags.

Also Coonawarra Fresh hand trim and pack into cartons.

The red onions are packed into 10kg purple bags and they can also be purchased in 1100kg bulk bags or 550 kg chep bins.

At Coonawarra Fresh our produce is quality assured by:
   Food Safety Management Logo - Quality Assurance     Registerd Quality System - Quality Assurance